Consumer Pocket PC Devices

Casio E-125
Designed with the professional user in mind, these Pocket PC devices are fast, compact, lightweight, and stylish. In addition to running a host of built-in Microsoft applications (including Pocket Outlook, Word, and Excel) they are also capable of running powerful bespoke applications.

The excellent Compaq Ipaq has done more than any other device to promote Pocket PC as a platform, and is still leading the field due to it's ergonomic design, great screen, and impressive performance. The Casio E-125 also comes highly recommended as an all round performer which is easily expanded.

Compaq Ipaq
Industrial Pocket PC Devices

Casio EG-800
For some applications it is necessary to use a device that is tougher that those designed for typical consumer usage. Industrial or ruggedised Pocket PCs have therefore been specially constructed to operate in extreme environments that would be considered too hostile for a consumer device. The degree of ruggedisation available varies from simply hard-wearing to practically indestructible military specification.

The Casio EG-800 is virtually identical to the E-125 with the addition of a ruggedised chassis, flash memory (so you canít loose the software), and additional battery capacity. The Symbol 2700 only features a monochrome screen, but includes a built-in laser barcode scanner.

Symbol 2700
Handheld PC & Tablet Devices

HP Jornada 720
The portrait style screen, which is a feature of Pocket PC devices, is clearly not going to be ideal for all applications. Fortunately the hardware manufacturers understand this and have produced a range of devices with different physical layouts. The Handheld PC is a class of device that adheres to the clam-shell design principle of a wide folding screen and a keyboard, very useful for applications requiring a lot of text entry.

The HP Jornada 720 is widely used by many business professionals who prefer the decent sized keyboard for typing notes, but don't want the inconvenience of using a traditional laptop computer. Casio's PA-2400 is simply a variation on the Pocket PC theme, incorporating a larger landscape oriented screen for graphical applications.

Casio PA-2400
Wireless Pocket PC Devices

Siemens SX45
Wireless devices have been developed to allow mobile users to conveniently access information wherever they happen to be. This is an incredibly powerful tool, not only for time sensitive processes where getting live data to and from the device is crucial, but also for remotely browsing huge amounts of data stored back at the office or on the Internet.

These devices are a sign of the current convergence between PDA type devices and the mobile phone. Siemens SX45 is a Pocket PC with a built-in mobile phone for GPRS data communications, whereas Sagemís WA3050 has been designed more like a mobile phone with a built-in Pocket PC.

Sagem WA3050
Expansion Options

Digital Camera
Since most Pocket PC devices are expandable, a myriad of third-party companies have grown up around the technology. By supplying an enormous variety of accessories to either bolt onto or into Pocket PC devices, they have multiplied the range of applications for which they can be used.

With new products being launched all the time, the possibilities are endless...

Portable Printer

Barcode Scanner

Wireless Network

1.0GB Microdrive

GPS Receiver

Folding Keyboard

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