MDI was formed in early 1999 to provide professional consultancy and proven development services to businesses wishing to exploit mobile computing technology. Matching our expertise in software is our experience in creating custom embedded hardware, a combination of disciplines that give us the edge when designing leading solutions.

Client Partnerships
Our objective is not to produce our own range of software products, but rather to use our knowledge and skills to assist our clients in mobilising their own applications. Using this partnership approach we have successfully implemented mobile solutions for clients ranging from small private enterprises to multi-national organisations.

Trade Alliances
By maintaining close links with Compaq, Casio, Psion Teklogix and Microsoft, we are able to stay ahead of the technological developments which characterise this rapidly evolving industry. Putting us in a better position to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of their investment.

Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner Program
Psion Teklogix Partner Program
Compaq Solutions Alliance
Casio Partner Programme

"The latest generation of wireless mobile devices truly have the capability to change the way many businesses operate, forever. At last the chain that has tied employees to their desks has been broken, freeing businesses to get closer to their customers."
Simon Rackstraw - Development Consultant

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